How to pronounce swimming pool in English

Pronunciation of Swimming pool is Swimming pool, sw-i-mm-i-ng poo-l

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How do you say swimming pool in English


Swimming Pool

sw-i-mm-i-ng poo-l
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    Swimming pool in sign language

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    List of meaning for swimming pool

    swimming pool, swimming bath, natatorium(noun)

    pool that provides a facility for swimming

    "`swimming bath' is a British term"

    List of synonyms for swimming pool

    • natatorium
    • swimming bath

    List of antonyms for swimming pool

    Antonyms not found, are you like to contribute Antonyms of this word please share it.

    Translation found for swimming pool

    • swembad Afrikaans
    • مسبح, حمام سباحةArabic
    • basseyn, hovuzAzerbaijani
    • пла́вальны басе́йн, басе́йнByelorussian
    • басе́йн Bulgarian
    • সুইমিং পুলBengali
    • piscina Catalan
    • bazén Czech
    • pwll nofio Welch
    • svømmebassin Danish
      • freibad
      • hallenbad
      • schwimmbad
      • pool
      • schwimmbecken
    • πισίνα Greek
    • naĝejo Esperanto
      • alberca
      • piscina
      • pileta de natación
    • ujula Estonian
    • igerilekuBasque
    • استخر Persian
      • uima-allas
      • allas
    • svimjihylurFaeroese
    • piscine French
    • piscinaGalician
    • poyll faarkeeManx
    • בריכה, בריכת שחייהHebrew
    • स्विमिंग पूल Hindi
    • pisin
      • úszómedence
      • uszoda
    • լողավազան Armenian
    • kolam renang Indonesian
      • útilaug
      • sundlaug
      • innilaug
      • sundhöll
      • laug
    • piscina Italian
    • スイミングプール, プールJapanese
    • აუზი Georgian
    • бассейнKazakh
    • អាងហែលទឹកCambodian
    • 풀, 수영장Korean
    • бассейнKirghiz
    • piscīna Latin
    • ສະອາບນ້ຳLao
      • plaukymo baseinas
      • baseinas
      • baseins
      • peldbaseins
    • terengaMaori
    • базе́н Macedonian
    • kolam renang Malay
    • ရေကူးကန်Burmese
      • zwemdok
      • zwembad
      • svømmebasseng
      • basseng
    • basen Polish
    • piscina Portuguese
      • bazin de înot
      • piscină
      • пла́вательный бассе́йн
      • бассе́йн
    • plivaonica, plivalište, пливалиште, bazen, базен, пливаоницаSerbo
    • bazén Slovak
    • bazenSlovenian
    • vai taeleSamoan
    • pishinë Albanian
    • letamo la ho tola le sesaSesotho
    • simbassäng Swedish
    • бассейн, ҳавзTajik
    • สระว่ายน้ำThai
    • basseýn, howuzTurkmen
    • pisinaTagalog
    • yüzme havuzu Turkish
    • бассейнTatar
    • пла́вальний басе́йн, басе́йнUkrainian
    • سوئمنگ پولUrdu
    • hovuz, bassein, koʻlob, koʻlmakUzbek
    • hồ bơi Vietnamese
    • ichibi lokubhukudelaZulu

    swimming pool in sentence

    1. The owners enclosed their swimming pool with a fence to stop small children from falling in.

    2. The summer sun gave off an intense warmth that heated the swimming pool to the perfect temperature.

    3. The uncovered swimming pool needs a tarp put over it so that leaves and dirt don’t blow into the water.

    4. In her addled state, the drug addict believed she was in a swimming pool although she really was flopping in a mud puddle.

    5. The idea of throwing a party on top of the swimming pool seemed quite grandiose to everyone in the room.

    Words related to swimming pool

    • swimming goggles
    • swimming hole
    • swimming kick
    • swimming lesson
    • swimming meet
    • swimming stroke
    • swimming teacher
    • swimming trunks
    • swimming costume

    Quotes and sayings containing the term swimming pool

    I have a swimming pool in my lounge.

    Nimfa Lumanog-Ricalde

    Where we're standing right now looked like an Olympic-sized swimming pool made out of sand, they'd have the backhoe scrape away a foot or two, and then a bunch of the agents would jump in and dig around for a bit.

    Tom Iannucci

    There have been complaints of sexual harassment and chatting-up going on in this swimming pool ... by groups of young men, and this has prompted some women to leave (the premises), this led to my decision that adult males from our asylum shelters may not enter the swimming pool until further notice.

    Markus Schnapka

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