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Welcome to HowToSay.co.in, your ultimate destination for a comprehensive online audio pronunciation dictionary. Launched on October 23, 2014, as howtosay.co.in, our platform was founded by Ravisankar Mayakrishnan to provide users with easy access to accurate pronunciation guides.

At howtosay.co.in, we are passionate about language and dedicated to providing valuable linguistic resources to our users worldwide. Our platform is designed to facilitate language learning, pronunciation improvement, and cultural understanding through a variety of tools and features.

The journey of HowToSay reached a remarkable milestone with the launch of version 7.0 on December 23, 2023. This update stands as the most significant feature enhancement in our history, revolutionizing your experience with the pronunciation dictionary like never before.

Our Mission

At howtosay.co.in, our mission is to provide a comprehensive platform for language enthusiasts, learners, and communicators alike. We are committed to offering accurate, accessible, and innovative tools and resources to enhance your linguistic journey. Our mission encompasses the following key areas:

  • Pronunciation: We strive to empower individuals to pronounce words correctly and confidently. Through our phonetic transcription guides and audio pronunciations, we enable users to master the nuances of pronunciation in various languages.
  • Phonetic Transcription: Our platform offers detailed phonetic transcriptions for words and phrases, facilitating clear and accurate pronunciation across languages. We believe in the power of phonetic transcription to bridge language barriers and enhance communication.
  • Sentences: We provide contextual examples and sample sentences to illustrate the usage of words in different contexts. Our goal is to help users understand how words are used in everyday language and improve their language proficiency.
  • Synonyms: Exploring synonyms is essential for expanding vocabulary and enhancing language fluency. We offer a rich repository of synonyms to help users find alternative words and express themselves more effectively.
  • Meanings: Understanding the meanings of words is fundamental to language comprehension. Through our comprehensive dictionary, users can access detailed definitions, etymologies, and usage notes to deepen their understanding of language.
  • Translation: Our translation services enable users to translate words, phrases, and texts between different languages with accuracy and ease. Whether you're translating a single word or an entire document, we provide reliable translation solutions to meet your needs.
  • Fancy Text: For those seeking to add a creative touch to their texts and messages, we offer a variety of fancy text options. From stylish fonts to decorative elements, users can customize their text and make a lasting impression.

What We Offer

  • Pronunciation Guides: Explore our extensive collection of pronunciation guides for words and phrases in multiple languages. Our guides feature accurate phonetic transcriptions, audio pronunciations, and example sentences to help users grasp proper pronunciation effectively.
  • Translation Services: Need help translating a word, phrase, or text? Our translation services offer quick and reliable translations across various languages, ensuring clear communication and understanding.
  • Language Learning Resources: Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, our language learning resources cater to learners of all levels. From vocabulary lists and grammar guides to cultural insights and language tips, we provide comprehensive resources to support your language journey.
  • Cultural Insights: Understanding cultural nuances is essential for effective communication. Our platform offers valuable insights into cultural practices, etiquette, and customs to help users navigate diverse cultural contexts with confidence.

Our Commitment

At howtosay.co.in, we are committed to accuracy, reliability, and user satisfaction. We strive to uphold the highest standards in linguistic content and continuously update and expand our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our users.

Join Us

Join our community of language enthusiasts, learners, and educators as we embark on a journey of language exploration and discovery. Whether you're learning a new language for travel, work, or personal enrichment, howtosay.co.in is your trusted companion every step of the way.

Thank you for choosing howtosay.co.in as your language learning partner. We look forward to helping you unlock the doors to language proficiency and cultural understanding.

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Thank you for choosing howtosay.co.in. We value your decision to use our platform to enhance your Pronunciation experience.

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Ravisankar Mayakrishnan

Welcome to howtosay.co.in! I'm Ravisankar Mayakrishnan, the author behind the scenes, working tirelessly to bring you a platform that celebrates language and communication. Our platform is designed to assist you in discovering the right words and pronunciations effortlessly. Whether you're learning a new language, improving your communication skills, or exploring the world of linguistics, our tools provide you with accurate translations, clear pronunciations, and useful language resources. Join us on a journey of linguistic exploration and empowerment, where every word is just a click away. Discover more about me and the journey of HowToSay.co.in at About us section.