How to pronounce exclaimed in English

Pronunciation of Exclaimed is Exclaimed, e-xclai-m-e-d

How do you say exclaimed in English? Pronunciation of exclaimed in English, a free online English pronunciation dictionary.

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How do you say exclaimed in English



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    List of meaning for exclaimed

    expressed with strong feeling

    call out, cry, cryout, shout, proclaim, promulgate|++|'i am not a communist ', he exclaimedto utter with a sudden burst of strong feeling

    the whole team exclaimed with one voice, "We won!"

    List of synonyms for exclaimed

    • blat
    • blurt (out)
    • bolt
    • cry (out)
    • ejaculate

    List of antonyms for exclaimed

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    Translation found for exclaimed

    • هتفArabic
    • udbrød Danish
    • rief German
    • écrié French
    • exclaimed Hindi
    • seru Indonesian
    • wykrzyknął Polish
    • exclamou Portuguese
    • воскликнул Russian
    • อุทานThai
    • اعلان کیاUrdu
    • 惊呼 Chinese

    exclaimed in sentence

    1. “Pshaw!” the girl exclaimed as she realized the interstate traffic was backed up for miles.

    2. “Yowza,” Bella exclaimed when she saw the table full of delicious cakes and pies.

    3. I enjoyed cooking for Gerald because he always exclaimed how much he loved my cooking.

    4. Sarah exclaimed her joyous feelings by using a smiley face as her text message.

    5. “Oh, golly!” the thrilled toddler exclaimed as she unwrapped her new doll on Christmas morning.

    Words related to exclaimed

    • excl
    • excl.
    • exclaim
    • exclaim technologies
    • exclaim!
    • exclaimer
    • exclaimeth
    • exclaiming
    • exclam
    • exclam.
    • blunder
    • leak
    • bellow
    • bleat
    • crow
    • holler
    • hoot
    • howl
    • roar
    • shout
    • whoop
    • yowl
    • aah
    • ah
    • ooh
    • interject

    Quotes and sayings containing the term exclaimed

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