Best Sci-Fi Books of All Time

Are you looking for a new book to read? Take a journey into the future with this list of the best science fiction novels ever written.

Are you looking for your next science fiction must-read? We’ve gathered some of the WIRED team’s favorite science fiction novels, including cyberpunk, space operas, and dystopias. Some are frighteningly plausible, while others are fantastical, yet they all give compelling images of our probable future. For completeness’ sake, they’re listed in chronological sequence.

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With Grimm Resolve: A Military Sci-Fi Series (Grimm’s War Book 2)

It’s not the size of the ship in the fight, but the size of the fight in the ship.

Just a few weeks after graduating from command school, Jacob Grimm returns as the CO of the USS Interceptor. With no backup and limited supplies, he’s promptly dispatched on a rescue mission to the far side of Zuckabar.

When an unknown attacker cripples his ship on the fringes of the system, the crew must band together to chase down their enigmatic foe.

An incredible discovery leads them to another system. Trapped on the wrong side of a starlane with an enemy that outguns them and civilians to rescue, Jacob must push his crew to the very edge of their ability.

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Against All Odds: A Military Sci-Fi Series

The wrong crew. The wrong ship. The right Captain.

Jacob Grimm, an idealistic navy lieutenant, only wished to honour his mother’s sacrifice during the last great war. He believes he is the hero when he is obliged to return fire and destroy a squadron of ships in order to save his own…

Until they discover the ships are full of children.

Jacob’s career ended after he was disgraced and denied promotion. That is until the head of ONI needs a temporary commander for a battered destroyer on the rim.

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The only problem is that Interceptor hasn’t had a CO in months, and the ship is in disarray. Worse, the system he’s been assigned to is corrupt, and the Alliance is on the edge of a civil war.

However, no one told Jacob he was disposable.

Pirates, smugglers, and Caliphate agents add to the chaos, and a single captain with an ageing ship is powerless to police the law, let alone stop anyone.

The single greatest discovery in history is about to forever alter cosmic politics. If Jacob does not succeed, it will not only be the end of the Alliance, but also the end of humanity’s freedom.

From USA Today bestselling author Jeffery H. Haskell comes a military science fiction epic in the tradition of Honor Harrington and Star Trek. If you love heroes and starships, you will love to stand with Commander Jacob T. Grimm Against all Odds. You’re in the Navy now!

Space Junk: A Military Sci-fi Series (Waymaker Wars)

Captain Jack Hale and his crew of ragtag scavengers live by a code. They do the job, get paid, and keep their heads down.

Exploring a remote part of the asteroid belt sounded like the ideal job. However, when he and his gang come find a mining camp full of corpses, his hopes for a quick buck fly out the window. Especially when they come upon a terrified little girl who is aware of the massacre’s truth.

Captain Hale and his crew become outlaws when they refuse to hand up the survivor to those responsible for the massacre. In a system controlled by an extraterrestrial AI, fugitives.

Even though the odds are stacked against him, Captain Hale has an ace up his sleeve, or more accurately, in his blood. The secret could offer him an advantage in beating Sol Corps at their own game, but revealing it will bring out an old and even more dangerous foe.

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Spaceship Down: An Epic Space Opera Saga

What would you do if an alien spaceship crashed right in front of you?

That’s the night he learns that humans aren’t alone in the cosmos, and that a cosmic war threatens all living things.

When an extraterrestrial ship crashes right in front of him, the occupant recruits Kevin to face a deadly opponent with his dying breath.

Kevin is soon in command of the lone remaining ship…on the losing end of the battle.
What about the ship’s crew? They’re all dead.
His task is straightforward: he must save the good ones from certain death.

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Bonds of Blood (The Last Hunter) 

When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Commodore Jack Romanoff and his ragged band of Navy rejects—skilled yet young war reenactors, a rescued Navy crew, and a Confederate spy—have rescued over two hundred civilian ships and avoided a massacre on a battleship over two centuries old.

Too bad they blew a fusion plant doing it.

They’re trapped in a deserted system with the Locusts closing in on them, and they’ve got a tight deadline to clean up the damage. An arrogant Navy commander who refuses to bend his stiff neck, as well as the man’s unexpected—and unwelcome—allies, stand in the way.

Clever friends and stunning secrets, on the other hand, may be able to shift the tide.

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The Spaceship In The Stone: The Space Legacy Book 1

What would you do if you found an ancient spaceship?

Michael Freeman, a crippled veteran, had recently been sacked from his mindless cubicle job, allowing his opportunistic lover to dump him. Now all he wants to do is relax at his grandfather’s mountain cottage, away from the stresses of everyday life and with a nice beer in his hand.

An ancient spaceship with an emotional AI, nanites that have infiltrated his body, a global crime organisation, a suicide FBI agent on a vigilante mission, terrorists… and that’s just the start.

When you’re up against unfathomable odds, what can one guy do? Is it time to say goodbye? Or… summon some of his former army comrades to demolish those impediments?
Is it possible for him to achieve more than he ever imagined, to go further than any other man? Keeping beneath the radar of the powers-that-be while correcting a few modern-day wrongs

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Ben never thought owning a starship would be easy. He didn’t expect it to be quite like this.

Ben never thought owning a starship would be easy. He didn’t expect it to be quite like this.

It was one thing to take a smuggler’s job to cover basic expenses like maintenance, fuel, and food. Another is having one of the galaxy’s most powerful lords on his tail at all times. Will it put him on the path to his actual destiny if Keep shows up unexpectedly with a new offer that’s more crazy than the last?

Or is it just another con?

In the follow-up to the #1 sci-fi bestseller Starship For Sale, the journey of a lifetime continues. The Starship For Sale series is perfect for fans of lost starships, unusual heroes, and interplanetary mayhem.

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