How to pronounce technique in English

Pronunciation of Technique is Technique, t-e-chn-i-que

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How do you say technique in English



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    List of meaning for technique

    a procedure or method used to carry out a task


    a practical method or art applied to some particular task

    proficiency, technique(noun)

    skillfulness in the command of fundamentals deriving from practice and familiarity

    "practice greatly improves proficiency"

    the means or procedure for doing something

    showed me a different knitting technique

    List of synonyms for technique

    • proficiency
    • technical
    • technology
    • method
    • technological
    • techniques
    • approach
    • fashion
    • form
    • how
    • manner
    • methodology
    • recipe
    • strategy
    • style
    • system
    • tack
    • tactics
    • way

    List of antonyms for technique

    Antonyms not found, are you like to contribute Antonyms of this word please share it.

    Translation found for technique

    • تقنيةArabic
    • technika Czech
    • teknik Danish
    • technik German
    • τεχνική Greek
    • técnica Spanish
      • تکنیک
      • روش
    • tekniikka Finnish
    • technique French
      • teicníc
      • teicníocht
    • טֶכְנִיקָהHebrew
    • technika Hungarian
    • teknik Indonesian
    • teknikoEsperanto
    • tækni Icelandic
    • tecnica Italian
    • טכניקהformer Hebrew
    • 기술Korean
    • तंत्रMarathi
    • teknik Malay
    • teknikk
    • techniek Dutch
    • teknikk
    • technika Polish
    • técnica Portuguese
    • tehnică Romanian
    • те́хника Russian
    • teknik Swedish
    • teknik Turkish
    • kỹ thuật Vietnamese
    • טעכניקYiddish
    • 技术 Chinese

    technique in sentence

    1. Jamie used a different problem-solving technique than his sister, but she still got the same answer.

    2. The singer’s technique was lacking, but the elan of her vivacious performance helped her shine above the other competitors.

    3. The player’s batting technique needed improvement so his coach helped him work on his stance.

    4. Even though he took aspirin to forfend a heart attack, the prevention technique alone would not work.

    5. Though her rolling technique was a bit different, Kaitlyn could bowl just as well as her sister.

    Words related to technique

    • technifermion
    • technigluon
    • technip
    • techniphone
    • techniquark
    • techniques
    • techniquewise
    • technische hochschule
    • technische nothilfe
    • technischer überwachungsverein
    • mode
    • modus operandi
    • blueprint
    • design
    • game
    • game plan
    • ground plan
    • intrigue
    • layout
    • line
    • model
    • plan
    • plot
    • program
    • route
    • scheme
    • expedient
    • move
    • shift
    • step
    • practice
    • practise
    • process
    • routine
    • policy

    Quotes and sayings containing the term technique

    Being able to reduce the amount of sugar the plant is producing to put into the grape has tremendous commercial potential for all white wine varietals, particularly from global warming and hotter climates, this year, in a drought, I've applied that technique to other white varietals ... and hence I won't be making a 14 percent Chardonnay, I'll be able to keep it at 13 percent.

    Winemaker Forrest

    A technique succeeds in mathematical physics, not by a clever trick, or a happy accident, but because it expresses some aspect of a physical truth.

    O.G. Sutton

    The elements that emerged during this research open up new perspectives on the interpretation of Leonardo's Landscape 8P and on how the artist (built) the landscape, on his technique and even on his habits and abilities in writing.

    Eike Schmidt

    One is technique, you are working on technique every single day. Nothing is ever good enough, you know you can do better.

    Shannon Glover

    There are disasters of technique and some things that are just bad, we made headcheese from Iceland and it was terrible. We call those milkshake meals because even after you eat, you need to go out after for a milkshake.

    Jesse Friedman

    I couldn't base it on the technique of somebody who has 10 fingers. It just wouldn't work' that's why it was hard for me to take piano lessons. It's very complicated for somebody who has learned how to play with 10 fingers to adjust and teach me with only four.

    Tamara Simmons

    DART would be NASA's first mission to demonstrate what's known as the kinetic impactor technique -- striking the asteroid to shift its orbit -- to defend against a potential future asteroid impact, this approval step advances the project toward an historic test with a non-threatening small asteroid.

    Lindley Johnson

    When a large truck would come by, we had this little technique where we would lean (on their walking sticks) into the ditch and away from the road, just long enough for them to go by, and then we'd pop back out on the road.

    Curtis Penix

    The technique has been around for some time, we've been using it for a long time. And for these very small amounts of electricity that you're putting through the brain there are no reported unwanted side effects or interactions, so the chances of it becoming a commercially viable prospect are quite imminent really.

    Michael Gresty

    [ It's ] is another important piece of evidence for the negative impact invasive Burmese pythons are having on native wildlife across the Greater Everglades Ecosystem imagine the potential consequences to the state and federally protected Southwest Florida panther if Burmese pythons adversely affect the number of white-tailed deer. Officials safely captured and relocated the snake, which painfully regurgitated the dead fawn in the grass. Shortly after, the python was humanely euthanized. Wildlife biologists then performed an autopsy on the snake and collected genetic samples. Biologists are accumulating valuable life history information on the behavior of Burmese pythons in Southwest Florida, the conservancy wrote. This information is leading to the development of an effective python removal technique that combines both hunting and radio-telemetry tracking efforts to target and remove breeding female pythons and disrupt the egg-laying cycle. A 2015 photo, which was just released this week, shows a Burmese python regurgitating a 35-pound white-tailed deer. ( Conservancy of Southwest Florida) The Florida Wildlife Commission has been asking for the public's help to remove the snakes, encouraging them toremove and kill pythons from private lands whenever possible. The South Florida Water Management District even created a python elimination program in 2017 to protect the Everglades and eliminate the snakes from public lands. Approximately158 pythons were eliminated during the program in roughly two months. Wildlife officials would like to find a more effective way to eliminate the creatures, and they believe research is key. Southwest Florida wildlife officials share a 2015 photo of an 11-foot Burmese python and the body of a white-tailed deer, the snake's prey. ( Conservancy of Southwest Florida).

    Ian Bartoszek

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